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Music. For Michelle, it was just “always there”. Growing up within a fairly tumultuous childhood, music became an early means of expression and escape. A go-to place where anything was possible. Michelle and her sister began writing and performing songs for their neighbours and friends, when they were very young. In Grade School, Michelle found an additional creative outlet in the theatre.

Her first role on stage in Grade Three, was in The Wizard of Oz. It was an instant addiction, which propelled her into becoming heavily involved in theatre, as well as acting for TV, film and commercials. She performed in numerous stage productions, of which some of her favourites were Death of a Salesman, The Odd Couple, Time and the Conways and Love Sex & The I.R.S.

She also landed roles in the TV shows Paranormal Witness, Instant Cash and Motives & Murders. Experiencing a deep love for acting and the theatre, but missing her musical roots, she joined the Grindstone Blues Band in 2012, as the lead singer, until the group disbanded in early 2015. Along with Dave and Andy of G.B.B., it was decided that an exciting new band was just around the corner, waiting to be formed. Now she is thrilled to bring you a fresh, sexy, sassy take, on some of the most dynamic early blues numbers, with the Dirty Blues Band. Let’s Get Dirty!


Andrew started his career as a snare drummer at the age of 12, specializing in highly technical drum rudiments. After many years building his chops, he went on to study with Canadian iconic jazz instructors Pete Magadini and Jim Blackley. After years of playing, he reached out again to embrace percussion instruments. He added bongos, congas, cajon, tympani as well as timbales to his arsenal of playing. Working at Long and McQuade Music, he has hosted many drum clinics with musicians ranging from Dennis Chambers (Santana) to Tommy Aldridge (Ozzie) as well as Tommy Igoe (Broadway's Lion King).

Andrew has also worked as a drum instructor for the Burlington Teen Tour Band. This is Canada's oldest youth organization for young musicians. The BTTB's travels have taken them around the world including Holland, Hawaii, France, Japan as well as Continental U.S. and Canada.

Having played drums or percussion with such artists as The Tim Park Trio, Sharon Musgrave, Killing Time Band,'905' Band, The Grindstone Blues Band, The Rita Carrey Band. Andrew brings his chops to the Dirty Blues band.

His wish is that people come out to enjoy the music, have a good time, and want to come back again for more.


Although a ukulele appeared in David's hands one Christmas at age 5 in northern Quebec, his first guitar was a Tempo parlor guitar with a metal ink cartridge for a saddle, acquired at the age of 13. Moving to Montreal at age 16, he formed a couple of bands, wrote and recorded a handful of original tunes, and attended university, studying electroacoustic music.

Spent 10 years performing and composing electronic and film music and as a performing and touring member of the CECG, and a founding member of the CEC.

1987 brought Dave to Toronto where he co-founded the Ellis John Blues Band in Waterdown, playing live at parties, social halls, northern retreats and more than a few sketchy spots.

Currently immersed in the world of guitar retail Dave co-founded Grindstone Blues, winding down the project in 2015.

Currently ramping up the acoustic world of The Dirty Blues Band, David's interest in country blues, slide and fingerstyle opens a new expression of acoustic blues reminiscent of his early days playing his first guitar.

Comments & Views

The Dirty Blues Band was a great surprise. This band will be packing venues as people discover what a sweet sound they have. For those of you who missed this at Acoustic Blend Cafe keep an eye out for their next performance. You won't be disappointed.

- Anthony Barberi, Feb. 20, 2017

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Celebrating New Year’s Eve at The Edison Room in Burlington.
The BlockCo. charcuterie in downtown Burlington re-opened with The Dirty Blues Band as entertainment.
The new reality of performing has come to the Moonshine Café!

Tracks from the wine cellar

Hear tracks as we work them through for performance. Like good wine, some tracks can be sampled after a short gestation period, while others need a while to mature.

1. Train, Train

2. Rollin' and a Tumblin'

3. A Man of My Own

Live Dates


June 16 - Galley Pump

May 5 - Galley Pump

March 24 - Galley Pump

March 11 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

March 4 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

February 24 - The Black Swan Pub Oakville

February 17 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

February 10 - Galley Pump

January 13 - Edison Room, The Block Co.


December 31 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

December 16 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

December 10 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

December 9 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

December 2 - Galley Pump

November 12 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

November 11 - Galley Pump

October 15 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

September 17 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

September 10 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

September 2 - Galley Pump

August 26 - The Moonshine Café

August 6 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

July 30 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

May 20 - Galley Pump

May 7 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

April 30 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

March 12 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

March 4 - Edison Room, The Block Co.

February 18 - The Moonshine Café


November 19 - The Moonshine Café - Live and Livecast to Patio and online

November 12 - The Block Co.

October 24 - Kitchener Blues Festival KBF Crossroads

October 2 - The Block Co.

October 1 - The Block Co.

September 11 - The Block Co.

August 6 - The Moonshine Café - Live and Livecast to Patio and online

July 17 - The Block Co.

June 27 - Private party


October 24 - The Moonshine Café - Livecast to Patio

August 22 - The Moonshine Café - Livecast to Patio

March 20 - Burlington Performing Arts Centre

January 24 - The Block Co.

January 22 - The Block Co. (private party)


December 31 - The Block Co. (private party)

June 22 - Blues at the Belfry

June 1 - The Moonshine Café

March 31 - Oakville Arts Studio

March 9 - Acoustic Blend Café - Milton

January 4 - The Moonshine Cafe


September 28 - St. Luke's Anglican Church, Palermo, Oakville

September 21 - The Block Co., Burlington

July 28 - The Moonshine Café

May 27 - Taste of Colombia, Oakville 7.00 p.m. - 9.00 p.m.

February 10 - The Moonshine Café


November 26 - Boston Manor 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.

October 29 - Oakville Arts Studio - Textures of Music

August 19 -Oakville Songs of Summer Festival

August 11 - Oakville Yacht Squadron - Private Party

June 25 - Sunday Music Series - Blues in the Park - Bronte Heritage Park - Event Flyer

May 26 - Oakville Yacht Squadron - Private Party

March 26 - Oakville Arts Studio

February 18 - Acoustic Blend Café

January 28 - The Moonshine Café


November 19 - Private Party